Cirrus Composites was founded by Johannes Romkes to do a better job, and share knowledge about composites to multiple industries. Focussed mainly on building racing boats, he has also worked on automotive, and aeronautical projects, creating composite parts for high end sportscars, and autonomous EVTOL ‘flying cars’.

Mast penetration
New winch base

During the years the company progressed from doing small projects in house, to mainly consultation, contracting and training. This has allowed the company to aquire a vast network of suppliers, highly skilled craftsmen, and production facilities througout europe.

Cirrus Composites provides everything you need regarding composites. We can set up a one-off project on a location of your choice, implement and train your people in new techniques, processes, and production methods, set up a high volume production line, and with our partners, take complete care of your projects. Extensive and complex repairs or modifications on location are one of our activities, where we bring all the required tools, and our programmable oven controllers.

Since its conception Cirrus Composites has focussed on high-end manufacturing techniques. Currently mostly prepregs, and autoclave processing, but vacuum infusion, bladder moulding, and SMC projects for instance, are all within the scope of our abilities and facilities available.

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